Some Velvet Sidewalk

Shipwreck (KLP032)

LP $16.00
CD $10.00

The lost second Some Velvet Sidewalk album, featuring Tobi Vail (the Go Team, Bikini Kill, Frumpies) on drums and Louise Olsen (the Go Team, Matrimony) on electric bass guitar. Recorded in 1990, Shipwreck bridges the gap between the heartfelt incompetence of the early S.V. Sidewalk recordings and the pop chaos of Avalanche [KLP010] and Whirlpool [KLP024]. Included are some of the best songs from their live shows: "Mousetrap", "Puppy", "Dumb". Recorded by Colm Meek in Olympia, and with Greg Freeman in San Francisco, California. Bradley Sweek plays guitar on "Unhitched", Donna Dresch plays guitar on "Dumb", lead bass on "Mousetrap". Steve Fisk mixed "Eyes Like Yours", "Eye of the Storm", "Wondercat".

Track Listing
  1. Eyes Like Yours
  2. Puppy
  3. Empty House
  4. Eye of the Storm
  5. Unhitched
  6. Dumb
  7. Boardwalkin'
  8. Wondercat
  9. Hopeless Case
  10. Mousetrap

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