Angelo Spencer et L'Orchidee D'Hawai

L'Argent (IPU131)

7 inch $4.00

The digital version of this single is available on Bandcamp

"L'Argent" [IPU131] is the second collaboration between Angelo Spencer et L'Orchidee d'Hawai (the first being "Music Is My Sweat (IPU121)) resulting in a 45 rpm double-sider for the International Pop Underground series of 7" records. Although there is a Side A and B, "L'Argent" is really one song; this is a single that can't be left idle – tend to it like a re. "Part I" contains the voice of Angelo Spencer, it is calm and gently awakens you from a slumber, the urging guitar providing a tingle in the hands. "Part II" follows with a procession of handclaps, stringy guitars, a totemic drum and an echoplex that unspools like the celluloid at the end of the reel. Closed eyelids filled with spinning light, "L'Argent," is a vinyl Dream Machine.

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