Angelo Spencer

Music Is My Sweat (IPU121)

7" $4.00

“My Music is My Sweat” began with a conversation between Karl Blau and Angelo Spencer about how music is similar to body odor and, like everyone’s stench, one’s music is also unique and identifiable. Angelo’s music is as raw as sweat. Recorded in one day, on one take by Blau, this 7” is a puddle of twitchy urgency. Generally a one man band, this recording is fleshed out with frantic drum fills and fidgety keys by L’Orchidee d’Hawaii soon after they finished a tour with Spencer.

“My Music is My Sweat” is the sprint and “The Great Salt Lake” is the cool-down, exasperated pause needed to sprint and sweat again; embellished with distant whistling – like the playful intermission of a spaghetti western – and Spencer is the wandering hero. "Music should always be like that."

The digital version of this single is available on Bandcamp.

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