Neo Boys

Sooner Or Later (KLP242)

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Kids $0.69
No Venue $0.69
Put A Penny In $0.69
Never Comes Down $0.69
I'm Free $0.69
I Don't Belong $0.69
Caution $0.69
Abnormal Chick $0.69
Empty My Head $0.69
Give Me The Message $0.69
Rich Man's Dream $0.69
Never Comes Down $0.69
There Is A Place $0.69
Movie $0.69
WWII $0.69
Time May Tell $0.69
Little Man $0.69
Image Of Guilt $0.69
Broken Mirror $0.69
Let Go $0.69
Running In The Shadows $0.69
Poor Man's Jungle $0.69
City Unlimited $0.69
In Disguise $0.69
Split $0.69
Days In Heaven $0.69
Between Borders $0.69
Under Control $0.69
Dirty White Lies $0.69
Obscure Emotion $0.69
No Form $0.69
Look $0.69
Time Keeps Time $0.69
Cheap Labor $0.69
Hands Down $0.69
Nothing To Fear $0.69
Someday Maybe $0.69
Ancient Youth $0.69
On Common Ground $0.69
In This Circle Of Time $0.69
Under Control $0.69
Nothing To Fear $0.69
Falling $0.69
Living For A Change $0.69
In Portland, OR, in 1978, a radical form of artistic expression some refer to as “punk” or “new wave” was beginning to take shape, and at the heart of this legendary movement was the powerful all-girl punk group the Neo Boys. Though they were an active band for just five years (1978-83), teenage sisters Kt (bass) and Kim Kincaid (vocals), Pat Baum (drums) and guitarists Jennifer Labianco and Meg Hentges forged a place for women in the growing punk rock scene, and redefined gender roles in the 80’s movement of rock and roll. They regularly shared bills with The Wipers, opened for Nico, and played their first show with Television. Calvin Johnson has been working with the band members to track down the missing tapes of their recordings through a rabbit hole of Northwest basements and closets, and after twenty years of effort, the result is Sooner or Later [KLP242]. A comprehensive double LP collection of Neo Boys recordings from 1977-1982, including the long out-of-print 1980 7” EP (released on Greg Sage's Trap Records), and 1982 self-released EP Crumbling MythsSooner or Later also contains recordings, early demos and live sessions that have never before been available to the public.