Hive Dwellers, The

Moanin' (KLP249)

Full Release

LP $16.00
CD $11.00
Cassette $7.00


Baby Be Mine
Streets of Olympia Town
Ask You
Love Will Come Back Again
Your Kissing Me
Montgomery Hammer
Lynch The Swan
Love On The Wax
Daughters Of The Revolution

On their second album, The Hive Dwellers make with a low, wailing expression of sorrow (or suffering). Moanin’ [KLP249] is a collection of field recordings made at Dub Narcotic Studio in Olympia, Washington. It’s a noisy pop runaway freight train that stirs the blues soul rockin’ of their debut album Hewn from the Wilderness [KLP241] to a new beat music recipe. The Hive Dwellers’ Calvin, Gabriel and Evan have toured across the United States and left a wake of frug and shimmy shines that won’t be forgotten any time soon. You beat the tambourine to “Streets of Olympia Town” in Knoxville; stomped the floorboards to “Montgomery Hammer” in Buffalo; knocked a heady bongo to “Baby Be Mine” in Oakland.

C’mon, join in Moanin’ for a while.

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