Hive Dwellers, The

Moanin' (KLP249]

Full Release

LP $16.00
CD $11.00


Baby Be Mine
Streets of Olympia Town
Ask You
Love Will Come Back Again
Your Kissing Me
Montgomery Hammer
Lynch The Swan
Love On The Wax
Daughters Of The Revolution

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On their second album, The Hive Dwellers make with a low, wailing expression of sorrow (or suffering). Moanin’ [KLP249] is a collection of field recordings made at Dub Narcotic Studio in Olympia, Washington. It’s a noisy pop runaway freight train that stirs the blues soul rockin’ of their debut album Hewn from the Wilderness [KLP241] to a new beat music recipe. The Hive DwellersCalvin, Gabriel and Evan have toured across the United States and left a wake of frug and shimmy shines that won’t be forgotten any time soon. You beat the tambourine to “Streets of Olympia Town” in Knoxville; stomped the floorboards to “Montgomery Hammer” in Buffalo; knocked a heady bongo to “Baby Be Mine” in Oakland.

C’mon, join in Moanin’ for a while.


Download and stream Moanin' [KLP249]:

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