Dopestylevsky (KLP230)

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EPRHYME (Eden Pearlstein) gave K its first hip-hop album in over a decade with dopestylevsky [KLP230]. Eprhyme (pronounced E-prime) is a renaissance MC, representing a profound resurgence of depth and dope within an all-too-often formulaic, uninspired and commercialized art form. dopestylevsky, Eprhyme's sophomore solo release, is more than just a collection of songs; It is a complete sound, style and statement all its own. The album combines Eprhyme's signature blend of universal poetics and personalized rap polemic with an epic electronic orchestra provided by Smoke of Oldominion and a host of live musicians. This is bold new music that is both thought provoking and body rocking.

Eprhyme's rhymes are smart and subtle, as he weaves together story-telling, social commentary, literary references and intricate wordplay to portray multi-dimensional perspectives on everything from spirituality to art history to the environment.

Production from Smoke of Oldominion is overflowing with tastefully textured beats, seductive synth lines and chopped-up live instrumentation from klezmer virtuosos The Erev Rav, middle eastern dance hall masters Electro Morocco and many others.

Guest lyricists include the Ghetto Dali Llama himself Labtekwon, African American Orthodox Jewish rap sensation Y-love and more.

The result is an uncanny mix of live/acoustic instrumentation, heavily processed digital madness, and earthbound-cosmic lyricism that once again sharpens the cutting edge. The lines have been blurred, genres forgotten, stereotypes seen through. The music speaks for itself. All you gotta do is listen.

makes his home in Brooklyn, NY, but creates most of his music in his old hometown Olympia, Wa.

Track Listing
Grind Thoroughly
Life Sentence
Blow Up the Block
Elements of Style
Smoke Break
Notes From the Underground
Lose Your Cool
Let's Build
Divine By Design
Better in the Dark

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