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The Lowdown (KLP077)

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Now for "The Lowdown". This CD EP is by Some Velvet Sidewalk augmented "with Heavy Friends". It begins with a story of the raw and the true and living your life the way ya wanna wanna do; this is the Alan Larsen story and through him the Olympia story. "The Lowdown" is followed by a selection of remixed Generate! [KLP062] songs, cookie dough in the raw. As on all Some Velvet Sidewalk releases, paint-peeling crashpop abounds, but now you find yourself surfing bass frequencies with the echoplex ghosts offshore. Remixes by K.O. [IQU] and Thrones. Supplemental vocals by Nikki McClure and Jason Traeger. Woodwinds by Arrington de Dionyso of Old Time Relijun. The Lowdown by Al.