Various Artists

International Pop Underground Convention Compilation (KLP011)

CD $10.00

A live compilation documenting the International Pop Underground Convention held in Olympia, Wash., August, 1991. Many of these recordings were made throughout the week at the Capitol Theater, which also housed the Yo-Yo Studios at the time. Additional material was recorded at the North Shore Surf Club and Capital Lake Park. Some of these artists were already veterans (Fugazi, Beat Happening, Mecca Normal, Pastels, Melvins) while others are captured at their most nascent (Spinnanes, Ice Cream Truck, Kreviss). An invaluable collection of artists at their peak, playing at their most inspired.

Cover design by Stella Marrs.

Track Listing
"Clock Song (Go Girl Go)"- Scrawl
"Shakedown"- Nation of Ulysses
"Speedway Star"- Pastels
"Charmicarmicat"- Melvins
"Packin' a Rod"- L7
"Jad Fair Drives Women Wild"- Spinnanes
"Bill"- Seaweed
"They Don't Call them Chihuahuas Anymore"- Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet
"Sandi's Song"- Kreviss
"Strong White Male"- Mecca Normal
"Motorcycle Boy"- Courtney Love
"Bionic"- Unwound
"My Day"- Rose Melberg
"Reprovisional"- Fugazi
"Punk Rock Dream Come True"- Bratmobile
"Bring on the Dancing Girls"- Girl Trouble
"This Sex"- Kicking Giant
"Impatience"- Fastbacks
"Customer Service Breakthrough"-Mark Hosler, Steve Fisk & Bob Basanich
"Nancy Sin"- Beat Happening
"Reprise"- Various