Poser in My Bedroom (IPU065)

Full Release

7 inch $4.00


P.E.Z. dispense the laconic guitar songs of Paul Schuster, with Steve Wold (aka Seasick Steve) on second guitar - who also recorded this single ("Never Win" and "Tirade") on an 8 track cassette tape machine. Drums are played by Kelly van Camp and Scott Plouf. P.E.Z. followed this with an album on Rough Trade (W.A.I.T.I.N.G.) and a tour of England with Everything But the Girl. Paul returned to Olympia and organized the Internal/External albums Featuring... [KLP106] and Inside Out [KLP123] (with Rebecca Pearcy) and played in Some Velvet Sidewalk on their last album, Generate! [KLP062].

This is Vol. LXV in our International Pop Underground series of 7' 45 rpm phonograph records.