Poser in My Bedroom (IPU065)

7 inch $4.00

This is Vol. LXV in our International Pop Underground series of 7' 45 rpm phonograph records. 

P.E.Z. dispense the laconic guitar songs of Paul Schuster, with Steve Wold (aka Seasick Steve) on second guitar - who also recorded this single ("Never Win" and "Tirade") on an 8 track cassette tape machine. Drums are played by Kelly van Camp and Scott Plouf. P.E.Z. followed this with an album on Rough Trade (W.A.I.T.I.N.G.) and a tour of England with Everything But the Girl. Paul returned to Olympia and organized the Internal/External albums Featuring... [KLP106] and Inside Out [KLP123] (with Rebecca Pearcy) and played in Some Velvet Sidewalk on their last album, Generate! [KLP062].