Crabs, The

Anything and Everything [IPU062]

7 inch $4.00

This is Vol. LXII in our International Pop Underground series of 7" 45 rpm phonograph records.

The digital version of this single is available on Bandcamp.

"Anything and Everything" is a singles from the second Crabs album Brainwashed [KLP056], recorded by Rob Jones at Jealous Butcher Studio in Eugene, Oregon. It strikes one as boisterously sweet, with a bit of a rough side, knocking down the pins. The non-LP B side includes "Prom Night" (an instrumental strong on sentiment) and "Sugar Town" (a Lee Hazelwood song recorded by Nancy Sinatra). The Crabs have four albums released on K: Jackpot [KLP042], Brainwashed [KLP056], What Were Flames Now Smolder [KLP074], Sand and Sea [KLP095]. Jonn Lunsford previously played in the Anacortes combo Pounding Serfs.

The cover art for "Anything and Everything" was drawn by world-renown comic artist Adrian Tomine.

TrackĀ listing:

  1. Anything and Everything
  2. Promo Night
  3. Sugar Town