Softies, The

He Will Never Have to Know [IPU056]

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He Will Never Have to Know
Nothing Sincerely
Lambretta Boy

Graceful and heartfelt songs utilizing two guitars and gently harmonizing voices is the trademark of the Softies, a duo comprised of Rose Melberg and Jen Sbragia. This is their debut EP, a precursor to the It's Love [KLP043] album released later in 1995. There are four songs: "He'll Never Have to Know", "Nothing Sincerely", "Lambretta Boy", "C.K.M.", recorded by Calvin Johnson at Dub Narcotic Studio. Rose Melberg has released recordings on K with Tiger Trap, Gaze, and as a solo artist. Jen Sbragia plays in the All Girl Summer Fun Band. The Softies have released three albums on K: It's Love [KLP043], Winter Pageant [KLP061] and Holiday in Rhode Island [KLP119]. This is Vol. LVI in our International Pop Underground series of 7' 45 rpm phonograph records.