The Softies

He Will Never Have to Know (IPU056)

Full Release


He Will Never Have to Know
Nothing Sincerely
Lambretta Boy

Graceful and heartfelt songs utilizing two guitars and gently harmonizing voices is the trademark of the Softies, a duo comprised of Rose Melberg and Jen Sbragia. This is their debut EP, a precursor to the It's Love [KLP043] album released later in 1995. There are four songs: "He'll Never Have to Know", "Nothing Sincerely", "Lambretta Boy", "C.K.M.", recorded by Calvin Johnson at Dub Narcotic Studio. Rose Melberg has released recordings on K with Tiger Trap, Gaze, and as a solo artist. Jen Sbragia plays in the All Girl Summer Fun Band. The Softies have released three albums on K: It's Love [KLP043], Winter Pageant [KLP061] and Holiday in Rhode Island [KLP119]. This is Vol. LVI in our International Pop Underground series of 7' 45 rpm phonograph records.

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