Gravel (DBN116)

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The second album LAKE recorded for K, Let’s Build a Roof [KLP213], included a song by drummer/multi-instrumentalist Lindsay Schief many consider one of its highlights, “Gravel”. When the band returned from their U.S. tour following the release of Let’s Build a Roof “Gravel” had a new uid soulful feel to it that struck resident Dub Narcotic Studio producer Selector Dub Narcotic (aka Calvin Johnson) as a ripe candidate for the Dub Narcotic Disco Plate series of 7” 45 rpm phonograph records. He approached the band about the idea and theyagreed to give it a try. The revamped “Gravel” was recorded at Dub Narcotic Studio, comprising the A side of this release. Flip it over and hear the Selector Dub Narcotic version, “Re-Grade”, complete with a new melodica infused melody.

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