Nucular Aminals

Nobody's Man (IPU137)

7 inch $4.00

The digital version of this single is available on Bandcamp.

Side A
"Nobody’s Man"

Side B
"Kill Your Dogs"
"Garrison + Phillips/Garrison Phillips"

Nucular Aminals squeeze a lot onto their 2011 7” (IPU137) “Nobody’s Man” b/w “Kill Your Dogs” and “Garrison+ Phillips/Garrison Phillips.” This is the first single released off of their S/T full-length (KLP233) and it shifts smoothly from surf to pop to rock and back again. These Portland based Aminals (Robert Comitz, Erin Schmith, Jheremy Grigsby, and Wiley Hickson) bring a combination of talents to the mix here that they’ve gained from previous musical endeavors. Cormitz has previously played with Hornet Leg, and Schmith and he are both formerly of San Francisco’s Marriage + Cancer.

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