Free Groove Rider (DBN114)

7 inch $4.00
Stylistically, Mahjongg is boundless and indenable. From their very first EP through K's Kontpab (KLP191), Mahjongg have dabbled in beatbox punk, afro-beat revivalism and junkyard whimsy. The continual shifts in their albums is an earnest attempt to realize global harmonies, but if given only one side of a 7" which side of Mahjongg would come out to play? The Dub Narcotic Disco Plate series provides the answer and "Free Groove Rider" is their most refracted pop statement yet. Using a swirling vocoder and intermittent dance beats, this single flickers like a channel-surfer finding pop sensibilities in between the static. The B-side, a remix by Selector Dub Narcotic (Calvin Johnson), ups the playfulness by reducing the static in favor of an unkempt, bubbling mix of melodica and reemerging synths.

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