Electric Sunset

Electric Sunset (KLP221)

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Affected noises and guitar lines dance around the mist creating a current of shiny sounds, all underlined by a pulse of Rock and Roll. Electric Sunset is the solo project from Nic Zwart. The debut album, Electric Sunset [KLP221] is a distillation of ambient music into spiky pop songs with loud synthetic percussion and muscular bass lines. Lyrically, the album is a journal of sorts. The descriptions of loss, love, fear and self discovery coincide with the stops and starts of moving down the coast from the Pacific Northwest to San Francisco. Old memories rising through the windshield, new promises illuminated by headlights. Using synthesizers, guitar, modified samplers and computers, Zwart recorded this album over the course of three months in Washington (at Dub Narcotic Studio) and California.

Nic has toured the US and Europe extensively with his former band, Desolation Wilderness, who released two albums on K, White Light Strobing [KLP198] and New Universe [KLP204]. Both groups have emerged as expansive expressions of movement; recordings about new places, the infinite possibilities afforded by never staying still long enough to take root. Now, he is primed to take Electric Sunset on the road following paths already traveled, and creating new ones, existing as an electric hum on the highway.

Track Listing
Future Dream
Morning City
Infinity Avenue
Here Comes Midnight
Last Night On Earth

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