Desolation Wilderness

New Universe (KLP204)

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Swooning guitars, found sounds, synthesizer trills, forward percussion and dream vocals; New Universe [KLP204] is the second full-length album by Desolation Wilderness, the brain child of Nic Zwart, who also plays as Electric Sunset and Drone Ranger. After touring the country extensively, this album is the labor of a restless engine; postcards from being constantly on the move. New Universe alternates between lonely sounds and the euphoria of freedom and distance– like an empty, foggy beach in the early morning. These songs have a particular movement, whether it's the sun-drenched strut of "Boardwalk Theme" or a barefoot sandy run on "Venice Beach." There are themes of escape and renewal, in leaving behind youth. The world is a vast and beautiful place, but also dangerous – full of doomed, overpowering love ("You Hold a Power Over Me") and night-walking loners ("San Francisco 2AM"). 

Recorded in its entirety at Dub Narcotic Studio in Olympia, Washington.