Desolation Wilderness

White Light Strobing (KLP198)

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White Light Strobing [KLP198] is the debut album of the band Desolation Wilderness. Recorded in the dark winter months, there is a beauty hidden there, too. Sound waves transmuted through archaic vacuum tubes and dusty transistors, magnetized on to a playable medium. A rush of air pressure, a few more charged ions here and there. Somehow, out of chaos comes order, a record of an event at a specific time and place. White Light Strobing. Strobing, like what movies do, or sunlight, or even sound: More than meets the eye. White Light Strobing contains songs straight from the wide awake dream world about simple things (love, escape, the open road) which transform before your ears into something else entirely. Similar to the experience of being inside all day and then walking outside to find yourself blinded by the light of the sun, blinking in a daze. What just happened? More than meets the eye. The meaning of words are transcended by their texture, what they rest upon. Lingual poetry as visual poetry as aural poetry; sung in any language, it is understood.

Four skilled musicians contributed to the making of this Desolation Wilderness album: Nicolaas Zwart (also of Electric Sunset) recorded it and used voice, guitar, vibraphone, synthesizer, glockenspiel, and other things. Andrew Dorsett (LAKE) and Adam Oelsner (LAKE, Kickball) played guitar and bass, respectively. They both played a few other instruments too, here and there. Evan Hashi (Hobby Hobby) played the drums and percussion. All of this at Dub Narcotic Studio, in Olympia, Washington.

Track Listing
USA Highway
Come Over In Your Silver Car
And All The Boys Looked
Paris To New York
Leaving Song
Road Song
Forget Everything
Turquoise And Gold
Horizon Star

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