Gene Defcon

Come Party With Me 2000 (KLP113)

CD $11.00

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Known as Gene Defcon, this mythological entity has built a party machine, an audio diary of parties past and future. Gene Defcon's music mirrors a creative mind that's been perverted by the intoxicating properties of pure love and unadulterated good times. But what a prolific mind it is! Forty-five songs make a head-on run through '60s bubblegum, '70s glam and '80s new wave. Gene Defcon is the missing link between Dwight Twilley and Bobby Brown, a bizarre rope-skipping competition between pop underground and Captain Kangaroo. Come Party With Me 2000 was born as a cassette release in an edition of 50 and evolved into a CDR run of about 150. The time is nigh to spread the singular gospel of a twisted enigmatic figure, Eugene Gordon Defcon, beyond obscurity into celebrity. Put on your boogie shoes, the party messiah has arrived!

Track Listing
The Return of Gene
Wizard 2 Woman
She's on MTV
Tsk, Tsk, Tut, Tut
Captain of a Sinking Ship
Why is the World Like That?
Getting Crazy in the Hot Tub
Babe, You've Got Balls
Life is Full of Parties
Come Trip With Me on Ecstacy
Hollywood Hamburgers
Texas Fever
You Go, Girl!
Workin' Man
Have a Good Time
Do The Gene
Digital Dude
You and Me Forever
Sadder Than I've Ever Been
Laying Down With My Headphones On
Baby, Say What?
She's Got a Bun in the Oven
Baby, Hallellujah
The Wild Boys
Fuckin' Dog
Psycho Freakout
Man Overboard
I Don't Wanna Know 'Bout It
Trippy Turn 'Round
I'm in Love With Another, Baby
Space Boots
Cosmic Sandwich
I Love You
Romantic to the Maximum
The Sandworm
The Skins and Punks
Candy Shop Girl
Young Love
The First Time
You've Got to Be in Love

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