Gene Defcon

Come Party With Me 2000 (KLP113)

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Captain of a Sinking Ship $0.69
Why is the World Like That? $0.69
Getting Crazy in the Hot Tub $0.69
Babe, You've Got Balls $0.69
Life is Full of Parties $0.69
Come Trip With Me on Ecstacy $0.69
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You Go, Girl! $0.69
Workin' Man $0.69
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Do The Gene $0.69
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Kisses $0.69
You and Me Forever $0.69
Sadder Than I've Ever Been $0.69
Laying Down With My Headphones On $0.69
Baby, Say What? $0.69
She's Got a Bun in the Oven $0.69
Baby, Hallellujah $0.69
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Fuckin' Dog $0.69
Whoop-Diddy-Do $0.69
Moments $0.69
Psycho Freakout $0.69
Man Overboard! $0.69
I Don't Wanna Know 'Bout It $0.69
Trippy Turn 'Round $0.69
I'm in Love With Another, Baby $0.69
Space Boots $0.69
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I Love You $0.69
Romantic to the Maximum $0.69
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Dontcha $0.69
The Skins and Punks $0.69
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Young Love $0.69
The First Time $0.69
You've Got to Be in Love $0.69
Baby $0.69
Known as Gene Defcon, this mythological entity has built a party machine, an audio diary of parties past and future. Gene Defcon's music mirrors a creative mind that's been perverted by the intoxicating properties of pure love and unadulterated good times. But what a prolific mind it is! Forty-five songs make a head-on run through '60s bubblegum, '70s glam and '80s new wave. Gene Defcon is the missing link between Dwight Twilley and Bobby Brown, a bizarre rope-skipping competition between pop underground and Captain Kangaroo. Come Party With Me 2000 was born as a cassette release in an edition of 50 and evolved into a CDR run of about 150. The time is nigh to spread the singular gospel of a twisted enigmatic figure, Eugene Gordon Defcon, beyond obscurity into celebrity. Put on your boogie shoes, the party messiah has arrived!