Old Time Relijun

La Sirena de Pecera (KLP110)

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The moonshine has been pilfered again by those pagan wood goblins Old Time Relijun. Now they speak in tongues: Italian, Portugese and Spanish. Three songs from Uterus and Fire [KLP097] have been rerecorded in the romance languages, plus five new songs combine for this special ep releases in time for their European tour. As honest as it gets, Old Time Relijun bare their deepest, darkest emotions, warts and all.

Track Listing
Casino (Espanol)
Carcerato (Italiano)
Adaga (Portugues)
Moon Moon
Circuit Breaker
Caught at the Door (With the Keys in my Hand)
Urge and Urge and Urge, Always the Procreat Urge of the World

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