Teenage Dream (KLP108)

Full Release

CD $11.00
LP $16.00


Teenage Dream (Original Version)
Teenage Dream (Looper Mix)
Teenage Dream (Meek Remix)
Teenage Dream (Norowareta Mix)
Teenage Dream (Tokyo and Kids Dubbreaks Mix)
Teenage Dream ( A Dream Like I Never Had Before Mix)
Teenage Dream (Bad Blood Mix)
Can't You Even Remember That (Q>C Mix*)
Can't You Even Remember That (*Sonic Mix)

*This product is available on Bandcamp for a cool $7. Grab it here


This features the epic Nipponese inspired song "Teenage Dream", with remixes by IQU's pals Looper, Lexaunculpt, Team 714, Dub ID, Take One & Red Clay, and Concentrick. Two bonus mixes of "Can't You Even Remember That" from IQU's debut long player Chotto Matte A MOMENT! [KLP085] are included on the CD format, and as a bonus 7" single housed inside the 12'. "Q>C Mix" by K.O. was created for an independent horror movie. "Sonic Boom Mix" is a special treat by ex-Spacemen 3, current Experimental Audio Research/Spectrum master Sonic Boom.

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