Teenage Dream (KLP108)

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This features the epic Nipponese inspired song "Teenage Dream", with remixes by IQU's pals Looper, Lexaunculpt, Team 714, Dub ID, Take One & Red Clay, and Concentrick. Two bonus mixes of "Can't You Even Remember That" from IQU's debut long player Chotto Matte A MOMENT! [KLP085] are included on the CD format, and as a bonus 7" single housed inside the 12'. "Q>C Mix" by K.O. was created for an independent horror movie. "Sonic Boom Mix" is a special treat by ex-Spacemen 3, current Experimental Audio Research/Spectrum master Sonic Boom.

Track Listing
Teenage Dream (Original Version)
Teenage Dream (Looper Mix)
Teenage Dream (Meek Remix)
Teenage Dream (Norowareta Mix)
Teenage Dream (Tokyo and Kids Dubbreaks Mix)
Teenage Dream ( A Dream Like I Never Had Before Mix)
Teenage Dream (Bad Blood Mix)
Can't You Even Remember That (Q>C Mix*)
Can't You Even Remember That (*Sonic Mix)

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