Internal / External

Featuring (KLP106)

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Electronic music fiesta featuring the multi-media multi-talents of many! Behind the scenes of the Olympia underground lurks a talent heard but rarely seen. Paul Schuster has left his mark on many fine projects. He has recorded with Some Velvet Sidewalk, Jason Traeger, KG and his own band P.E.Z.; produced the Spells and Julie Ruin and toured with Miranda July. Internal/External is Paul's latest creative outlet. Featuring... began as a recording project in 1997 while Paul was experimenting with electronic music. After fleshing out the songs, he invited a slew of local folks to add their own touch. To wit: Angie Hart, Joseph DeRouselle, Kanako Wynkoop, Kathleen Hanna, Lois Maffeo, Justin Trosper, Al Larsen & Carrie Brownstein, Calvin Johnson, Slim Moon & K.O., Rachel Carns, all contribute vocals or instruments to Paul's foundation. Masterful drum'n bass/pop/noise/r'n b crossover, genre-blending with leisure.

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