Jason Traeger

My Religion is Love (KLP098)

CD $11.00

The three things he likes most in life are love, love and love. My Religion is Love, the long-awaited second release from Jason Traeger deliciously lays down the songs you know from his electric and unpredictable live performances. He spreads his religion with wit, plenty of humor and musical charm, these songs will make you try on every emotion you got. With personnel including Dub Narcotic Sound System folks, Scott Plouf -- Built To Spill, Danny Sasaki-Enemymine, Paul Schuster -Internal/External, and Phil Elvrum- D+, Microphones, Old Time Relijun.

Track Listing
Health, Personal Growth, and Positive Living
Good Thing
Word of Mouth
Love, Love, and Love
Open Sky
Quick Fix
Glorious Consciousness
Punk Rock Riot
We Gotta Know
Love Faeries
Remember This

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