Old Time Relijun

Uterus and Fire (KLP097)

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Sex and doom-obsessed hyper-gospel, dissonance with fangs, Ayler-esque bass and a truly possessed clarinet chunder forth. Your funeral... is how Quitty describes them. Ringleader Arrington rains Oh Hear Ye! Confused garage dub meets psycho hillbilly twang on the free jazz fuck train to noisy gospel swamp raga-inferno. That covers a lot of ground, but he's a preacher's son with a sweaty crybaby falsetto, so give him room to throw rattlesnakes or make with the ultra-raw backwoods contortions. Phil Elvrum (Microphones, D+) and Aaron Hartman (IQU) are also on board to help shout it out. There isn't even the shakiest of middle ground.