Various Artists

Classic Elements Compilation CD (KLP079)

CD $10.00
Cassette $4.00

Classic Elements is a compilation of Northwest hip-hop, released in the late '90s.

Leave it up to the Olympia-Tacoma-Seattle Underground to bring you nothing but the real Hip-Hop. Look toward the NW corner and you'll find that scientists have been in the lab putting together the ELEMENTS that make CLASSIC material, thus you have CLASSIC ELEMENTS, demonstrating that authentic true school skills still reign supreme.

The 12" version of Classic Elements [KLP078] includes four songs from this CD by Black Anger, 5E, Tilson and Jaleel, plus two remixes.

Track listing

  1. Ghetto Children   "Hip Hop Was?"  
  2. Jaleel   "I Call It Like I See It"
  3. Troubled Sums   "Konfessions"
  4. Source of Labor / Beyond Reality   "Aunt Anna"
  5. Soulstice   "Novus Ordo Seclorum"
  6. Arson   "Back home"
  7. Sinsemilla   "Sleep"
  8. Nobody   "A.N.I.T.A."
  9. 5E   Paradox (RMX)"
  10. Ski   "From Bullets to Poetics"
  11. Tilson   "A Little Better"
  12. Black Anger   "Third Eye"
  13. Jace   "What's Ya Definition"
  14. Blak   "Only When I'm High"
  15. Nomad   "Sadistic Flow"


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