Fanfare (KLP070)

Full Release

LP $16.00
CD $11.00
Damaged LP* $8.50


New Maps of Hell
Should it Wait
Outta Ways to Put It
Morse Code
Your Ice Cream is Ready
What Babies Want
Small Scale
B for Becker
First Screening

Fanfare is the second Mocket platter following their debut album on the Olympia label Punk in My Vitamins. There are twelve Mocket songs on Fanfare, a new rock bottom, pure rocket fuel and sandpaper. Fanfare Nothing softer than hard ice cream, everything happening at once. Mocket hails from Olympia: again Audrey Marrs and Matt Steinke sing and play, while newly joined Carolyn Rue plays a drum set. Matt Steinke is also known for his work with Satisfact, a different kind of bleep on the radar screen.


*The "Damaged LP" is an LP in perfect shape that has been sent back to K because a corner of the jacket is bent & unsellable in stores.  DISCOUNTED PRICE!*