Guilt, Regret and Embarrassment (KLP069)

Full Release

LP $15.00
CD $10.00
Full Album Download $6.99


No Doubt $0.69
Andy Warhol $0.69
GRE $0.69
Lost $0.69
Transitonal Devices $0.69
Pity $0.69
(I'm Gonna)Miss You(when Your Dead) $0.69
Wasted on You $0.69
Stay $0.69
Chunks of Milk $0.69
Everytime when I Fall Down & My Head Hits The Floor Hard $0.69
Trailer Park $0.69
The re-issue of the 1990 debut album by this Boise, Id. band that relocated to Seattle in the late '80s. Doug Martsch, Scott Schmaljohn, Pat Brown, and Wayne Flower have since gone on to Stuntman, Violent Green, Halo Benders and Built to Spill.