Glimmer (KLP054)

CD $10.00

The digital version of this album is available from the K Bandcamp.

Glo-Worm produce chiming pop music of a non-bouncing variety that sounds pure, forlorn and unencumbered. This compact disc brings all the various Glo-Worm 45s together under one roof. Glo-Worm features the voice of Pam Berry, also known for her vocals in Black Tambourine and Belmondo (check out the Belmondo single, Volume LIX of the International Pop Underground), and currently recording as the Pines. Pam is also one of the founders of Chickfactor magazine.

Track Listing

  1. Travelogue
  2. Useless
  3. Change of Heart
  4. One Million Rainy Days
  5. Wishing Well
  6. April Street
  7. Beyond the Sea
  8. Friday I'm In Love
  9. Holiday
  10. Downtown
  11. Tilt-a-Whirl
  12. Stars Above
  13. Crazy Town
  14. I Will Remember You