Wandering Lucy

Leap Year LP (KLP053)

LP $16.00
CD $10.00
Damaged LP* $3.00

The first round of Wandering Lucy was Lindiwe Coyne, her guitar and the Drummer 2002 rhythm activator. The songs flow with an insulated grace, chiming out crisp from the bottom of the reverberation tank (reference the "Arms and Legs" EP, International Pop Underground vol. LXI).

Leap Year [KLP053] takes a giant step, mixing songs derived from the original concept (one girl, one guitar, one robot) with those using a more conventional approach. Fred Armisen, Trenchmouth, (drums) and Brian Sparhawk, Fitz of Depression, (bass) form a new matrix with Lindi that transmits brain-twanging signals, some intermittent, some pulse steady, a few break up into static and distortion. There are scads of rad tunes and the mic is passed to Jen Smith for one glorious song. A hybrid holiday: Leap Year.

Recorded at the original (basement style) Dub Narcotic Studio in Olympia, Washington by Calvin Johnson.

A K Essential.

*The "Damaged LP" is an LP in perfect shape that has been sent back to K because a corner of the jacket is bent & unsellable in stores.  DISCOUNTED PRICE!*

Track Listing
Marthy's Tune
The Magnet
I Have No Love
I Know One Thing
No. 5
Quick Freeze
Lady Genius
Remittent Fever
Drag On

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