Fitz of Depression

Swing (KLP041)

LP $15.00
CD $10.00

The digital version of this album is available from the K Bandcamp.

Relentless Fitz, a band that captures so much of Olympia and Tumwater, with a touch of Aberdeen and assorted trace metals. Fry your influences like your mind on a TV commercial and some mutated form emerges that sounds good on paper, better on record and great at a party. This album is classic plastic: "I Can't", "Form a Line", "New Disgrace". Their second for K recorded by Jack Endino, this at Moon Music in downtown Olympia.

Track Listing
  1. We Three
  2. My Good Name
  3. Form A Line
  4. No Movie Tonight
  5. Time To Leave
  6. Connect The Dot
  7. She Wants To Know
  8. Mind Over Matter
  9. House Or Home
  10. I Can't
  11. New Disgrace
  12. Shimmy

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