Beat Happening

Black Candy (KLP006)

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Black Candy
Other Side
Knick Knack
Pajama Party in a Haunted Hive
Gravedigger Blues
Cast a Shadow
T.V. Girl
Hey, Gravedigger. Welcome to Black Candy, the third Beat Happening album, raw and unchained. Bret, Heather and Calvin explore the more sinister aspects of life, with an eye towards the relief that can be found in its simpler pleasures. "Melancholy" is a word that has been used to describe this approach, though Black Candy does include many optimistic moments. If you like your pop music effervescent and carefree, there's "T.V. Girl" and "Other Side" to polish your bike to. If you like it black, here's a blast of playhouse on fire, pajama party and haunted shadow to propel your day. Originally a 1989 K release, Black Candy was released in the United Kingdom by Rough Trade Records. Included on Black Candy is the original version of "Cast a Shadow," covered by Yo La Tengo and Cub.

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