Beat Happening

Beat Happening (KLP001)

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Our Secret $0.69
What's Important $0.69
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I Love You $0.69
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Run Down the Stairs $0.69
Bad Seeds (Live) $0.69
In My Memory $0.69
Honey Pot $0.69
The Fall $0.69
Youth $0.69
Don't Mix the Colors $0.69
Foggy Eyes $0.69
Bad Seeds $0.69
I Let Him Get to Me $0.69
I Spy $0.69
Run Down the Stairs $0.69
Christmas $0.69
fourteen $0.69
Let's Kiss $0.69
1, 2, 3, $0.69
In Love With You Thing $0.69
Look Around $0.69
track 24 $0.69
A hundred summer days bottled up inside one guitar. The first Beat Happening album has been reissued with lots of extra material recorded in 1983-85, the time during which the first album was originally recorded and released. Bret, Heather and Calvin made music hot and bothered, the world listened with trepidation. As the first album released on K, it set a mood of irresistibility that has endured for twenty years. The refurbished Beat Happening includes the original Greg Sage (the Wipers) produced sessions that comprised most of the original album and the first single ("Our Secret" / "What's Important"). Five of the songs were recorded while Beat Happening was living in Japan and then released as the Three Tea Breakfast cassette. There are also several songs that were originally included on various cassette compilations long out of print.