No Retro (IPU135)

7 inch $4.00

Side A - "No Retro"
Side B - "Basemint Theme"

Childhood friends, Scott Ricketts, Steve Potter, Spencer Kelley, and Gilbert Clapp are Basemint, a band that loves everything '50s and '60s, especially the music, which is evident on their first K release, a lively, toe-tappin 7" called "No Retro" (IPU135). The tracks featured on this single are good 'ol fashioned garage rock that morph and segue into surf, blues, and even at times a little bit of soul. But don't get confused, they're no retro band. Self acclaimed fans of "all things punk and weird," Basemint keeps it real by keeping it old. That's a compliment.

This is Volume CXXXV in our International Pop Underground series.