Joey Casio

The Frame (IPU129)

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7" $4.00


The Frame
“The Frame” (IPU129) is the third single by Joey Casio released by K, and the second in the International Pop Underground series (following 2009’s “Debtor’s Prism” (IPU125)).

Casio continues to create something wholly new for this unsteady era. The longtime Olympian, and current Portlander, reassembles the wired connections of white-hot punk energy and post-disco electronic dance music. “The Frame” finds Casio sharpening his edges rather than just running in place: you’ll hear the calculated combination of dance and punk forms fused within a neon-lit matrix of
percussion, including electronic strings, claps and bells and Casio’s laconic delivery; a box inside a box. The b-side, “Rituals,” is a tar pit of sound, pure disenfranchisement, remaining danceable while flirting with chaos.

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