Nicholas Krgovich

Who Cares + On Cahuenga [Japanese Import] CD (7 e.p.)

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This Japanese Import CD contains music from two albums by Vancouver, BC singer / songwriter / visionary / recluse Nicholas Krgovich (No Kids, Gigi): WHO CARES? and On Cahuenga.

WHO CARES? is a small, short record. Perhaps even a personal one. It's a collection of truly bummed out and lonely-sounding songs, but they're fashioned in such a quiet, composed and lovely way that they paradoxically end up being quite hopeful and tender. Laughter-through-the-tears in album form. Singing in a low, warm tenor and playing a guitar for the first time in ages, Krgovich presents a series of songs that are so spare and direct, they play out less like songs and more like little life events. Which is in keeping with how this work came about, earlier this year while Krgovich was mansion-sitting for his aunt.

On On Cahuenga, Krgovich performs solo electric piano & vocal renditions of lovelorn, Hollywood-obsessed torch songs from his solo debut, On Sunset. Eschewing big budget orchestration & programmed electro-rhythms for a more direct, bare-bones aesthetic, On Cahuenga plays like a series of strange screen tests for the widescreen panorama of On Sunset. Recorded live to tape by Phil Elverum (The Microphones, Mount Eerie) in a single April afternoon, Krgovich's exceptional musicianship & subtle song-craft are in crisp focus throughout these ten tracks.

"On Cahuenga is a warm, intimate, & beautiful recording from one of my all-time favorite singer/songwriters. I practically begged Nicholas to make this album, & I'm so proud to be releasing it on Orindal Records." (Owen Ashworth)

Track listing:

  1. The Loser
  2. A Trip to Town
  3. Baby Blue Tutu
  4. Party with Lewis
  5. Simple Signs
  6. People
  7. The Golden Nugget
  8. My Song
  9. A Reverie
  10. Along the PCH on Oscar Night
  11. Cosmic Vision
  12. Let's Take the Car Out
  13. City of Night
  14. Rock's Dream
  15. You're Through
  16. The Mansion
  17. At Pershing Sq.
  18. Moon's Soft Glow