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We Like To Kick Ass CD (Tummy Rock)

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This is the first CD Tyson Ballew (appearing on this release as Old Shoes) released on Tummy Rock Records.

He says: "From 2002 until 2006 Tummy Rock Records was a label known as Poser Punk Records. In 2006 we held Tummy Fest and released this comp as an event to give birth to a new record label and a new direction. This was a professionally manufactured CD that has 14 tracks from our favorite ass kicking DIY friends. We printed 500 copies of this CD and scattered it across the country via the artists on it. I have roughly 200 left. Several of these songs have made their way to being free across the internet and some of these songs are exclusive only to this release."

This CD comes in a plastic sleeve with some neat artwork by David Johnson and really cute liner notes from two nice kids from 2006. It also includes an instructional drawing that describes how to "build your own ass-kicking robot" with nothing more than a pair of gloves, a basketball and a Mac classic. Sweet!

Listen to songs from this CD on Bandcamp.

  1. Noise Noise Noise - Doughnut War
  2. Oblio Joes - (I Don't Wanna Be A) Monster
  3. The Quiet Ones - Spark Begins a Fire
  4. Southerly - Naomi Ruth
  5. The Reddmen - Baby We Were Born To...
  6. Circus of The Stars - Intelligence of Angles
  7. 1985 - The Way Things Are Here
  8. Racetrack - Platonic
  9. Purrbot - Better You Than Me
  10. Old Shoes - Blink Goes To Prom
  11. Real Live Tigers - Riverbeds (Live)
  12. Modern Machines - MTSTD
  13. Moron Parade - MINTS!
  14. Montana Carl - Me, The Coyotes, and The Prairie