Antiquated Future

Have U Scanned Ur Club Card? CS + Download (Antiquated Future)

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The Washboard Abs are a new addition to the Olympia Underground Music scene. Captivating, heartfelt and dreamy, this new cassette, Have You Scanned Ur Club Card? is a soft yet bewitching album.

"An album that gently wakes up your senses and makes you feel. For any work of art to accomplish that is surely a home run." - Raquel Dalarossa, ThrdCoast

This cassette is from an edition of 100 and comes with red-shelled cassettes, vellum inserts and covers printed by Eberhardt Press.

Track listing:

  1. Window
  2. Sugarskull
  3. Groundform
  4. Day Draws Nearer
  5. Something New
  6. Home
  7. Fall
  8. Hold Me Down
  9. Okay
  10. Ghosts
  11. Ladder
All songs written and recorded by Clarke Sondermann.

Miriam Vonnahme sings on track 1.
Angelo Vitello plays guitar on track 4 & 11.
Matilde Van Fleet sings on track 5.
Brendan Burton plays bass on track 5.
Mike Kaplan yells on track 10.

Mastered by Anton Kreuger. Cover art by Lena Hindes & Alex Fiedler.

"Sondermann’s music is an entirely captivating affair...not to be ignored but to sit as something of a distant soundtrack, like an old radio waves drifting out of the windows while you idly recline on some rickety old porch." - Tom Johnson, GoldFlakePaint

"Some of the nicest, most heartfelt indie pop around...The Washboard Abs make songs sad and sentimental without ever stepping into melodrama." - Liam Doyle, Wake the Dead

"Dry leaves rest in an old wooden boat on a lake made of echoes." - VERYSMALLALBUMREVIEW