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Waiting for High Tide + 7-inches!

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This is a K exclusive! This bundle includes a copy of the illustrated book, Waiting for High Tide by Nikki McClure, plus two 7-inch records by Nikki, from our International Pop Underground series.

The book, Waiting for High Tide has been signed by Nikki! The 7-inches (Hope and Pray [IPU074] and Godzilla [IPU057]) feature her artwork as well as her music.


For one young boy, it’s a perfect summer day to spend with his family.

He scours the high tide line for treasures, listens to the swizzling sound of barnacles, and practices walking the plank. But mostly he waits for high tide. Then he’ll be able to swim and dive off the log raft his family is building. While he waits, sea birds and other creatures mirror the family’s behaviors: building and hunting, wading and eating. At long last the tide arrives, and human and animal alike savor the water.

Illustrated with gorgeous paper cuts, this book reminds us of the essential childhood pleasures found in an engaged day of imaginative play and exploration, without electronics, scheduled activities, or adults.

“Lavish with words and images in a story that is a worthy heir to Robert McCloskey’s work… The sense of place is so rich that it seems possible to smell the air and hear the gulls.” (Publisher's Weekly)

  • 48 pages.
  • Printed in the USA on recycled paper.

 About GODZILLA [IPU057]

This is International Pop Underground Vol. LVII. Side One is a field recording documenting one night in Portland, Ore. Side Two is from a Dub Narcotic basement session. A regular cowgirl hoot.


This is International Pop Underground Vol. LXXIV. Nikki McClure's music is formed through supreme devotion to body talk. It's all about hand-clapping, guitar slapping, chant pop power straight to the hips. One of her celebrated paper-cut images (of Olympia being ravaged by Godzilla) graces the fold-out sleeve. Recorded by Calvin Johnson at Dub Narcotic Studio, this four song EP includes the tracks "Miss Understood", "E-A-G Pop God", "Godzilla", and "Spider Dreams".