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The Tale Of Me And You LP (Expect Candy)

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After more than ten years of guitar and vocal duties in All Girl Summer Fun Band, Kim Baxter wrote and co-produced her debut solo album, The Tale of Me and You, with her husband, Chris Flanagan (Life at These Speeds). The pair played all the instruments on the album which was recorded in their home studio in Portland, Oregon. The album was self-released on CD (and digital download) in April 2012.

Baxter is best known for her catchy, short and sweet pop song writing in All Girl Summer Fun Band, but on "The Tale of Me and You", she flexes her songwriting muscles. The result is an album that is still fun and catchy but the songs are longer, the lyrics are deeper, and the instrumentation is layered and more dynamic. "Flame Ball for Hire" is quiet and intimate, "The Afternoon" is upbeat and poppy, while "Intelligent Lovers" is strong and driving. The songs are varied in their feel and texture but they come together to create a cohesive, unique and fun album.

Shortly after the release of the All Girl Summer Fun Band’s third album, Looking Into It, the band decided to take a break from playing and recording. But with an arsenal of solo songs already written, Baxter decided it would be a perfect time to finish and release her first solo album. With the help of her husband she reviewed her collection of songs and selected ten of her favorites. These ten songs were then re-worked, re-structured, and re-recorded in order to create The Tale of Me and You. Some of the original guitar solos that were recorded by Baxter years earlier were kept for their crunchy, rough basement recording sound. The rest of the album was rerecorded and mixed in Baxter and Flanagan's new home studio. Years of love and hard work went into these songs and it can be heard.


"Baxter was the most noticeable voice in the wonderful Portland punk quartet All Girl Summer Fun Band. They never pushed too hard. On her first album under her own name, Baxter does. 'Oval Frame' is Nirvana with radio distortion around the sides. 'Arc de Triomphe,' not that far from Freddy Cannon's 'Palisades Park,' is a celebration of an I'll-do-anything-for-you love that you know won't last, except in memory.” —Greil Marcus, The Believer (October 2012)

"Kim Baxter's The Tale of Me and You is nothing short of a musical marvel; smart, sophisticated indie rock that draws from The White Album to Doolittle and everything interesting in between. Ambitious in its various tones and textures, though consistently intimate, these ten tunes play like a best-of album. If there's any fairness left in the world, 'Devil On My Side' would be blaring in record stores all summer long." —Joe Meno, author of Hairstyles of the Damned