Tyson Ballew

The Summer of Dodos CS + DOWNLOAD (Tummy Rock)

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Tyson Ballew is a D.I.Y. singer-songwriter currently living in Bellingham, WA who spent 10 years frolicking in the seedy Missoula, MT underground scene. Tyson plays pop-punk-inspired folk music similar to The Mountain Goats, Clem Snide, Emperor X, and Ghost Mice. He has performed over 300 solo sets and believes everyone has a story to tell.

  • The Summer of Dodos is a cassette Tyson self-released on Tummy Rock Records, in 2009
  • It is the second in a trilogy of tapes about extinct, flightless birds (the others are Fruit Trees for Cassowaries and Moa in Repose).
  • This E.P. is a limited run of 100 purple transparent cassette tapes.
  • Each cassette comes with a digital download code.
  • This tape was recorded in the kitchen of Tyson's former apartment on Front Street in Missoula, MT.
  • It was recorded and performed soley by Tyson, who plays all the instruments.
  • Track Six, "I Need You to Try a Little Harder For Me", is a cover of a Go Slowpoke song.
  1. The Hatchet
  2. Killrockstars
  3. Repeat History
  4. Point Blank
  5. Honest Friends
  6. I Need You to Try a Little Harder For Me

Listen to songs from this tape on Bandcamp.