Summer EP CS (Radical Clatter)

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The Sightlines are: Eric Axen (vocals, guitar), Aaron McHattie (bass), and Chris Martell (drums). Their Summer EP cassette was released in 2012.

"Vancouver’s Sightlines invite you to summer. The late night comforts of your parents’ basement can wait; it’s time to saddle up into the hot, dry western night. A jubilant meet-the-parents soundtrack for the new badass boyfriend, Summer is seven tracks of garage sale discovery bliss (including a syrupy twist down the Cowboy Trail). Lyrically yearning, singer Eric Axen’s honey-drip vocals shimmer atop three-chord palm mutes and power pop chatters. The sunsets are long, the nights are longer and you’re starting to feel those familiar sweatpants feelings. Something’s gonna happen tonight; you’re on the lookout… or maybe she is." (Jared Majeski)

  • This cassette was mixed and mastered by Tom Prilesky.
  • All songs were written by the Sightlines except "You Were On My Mind," by Sylvia Tyson.

Listen to songs from this tape on Bandcamp.