She Shreds



Founded by Fabi Reyna (formerly of Chain & The Gang), She Shreds Magazine is dedicated to educating, inspiring, and encouraging future and current musicians by highlighting female guitarists and bassists from all over the world. She Shreds strives to raise awareness for under represented female guitarists and to cultivate the presence of women in the music industry, with hopes of making an impact that reaches far beyond the boundaries of gender to encourage radicalism, respect and revolution.

Issue #1: This soon to be rare 24 page magazine is full of interviews, articles, reviews, resources, and a whole lot of badass women who play guitar. Only a few of these are left!

  • Staff Recommendations
  • Four Guitarists and their gear
  • Q&A with Scout Niblett
  • Corin Tucker
  • Who Knew?
  • Devi Ever
  • Hysterics
  • Talking Shop
  • Finger Picking Exercise and Hand Stetches 

Issue #2: includes interviews with shredders like Marnie Stern and Mary Timony, "Wild Flower" guitar tabs by Maybelle Carter, how to make your own pedal board, and a pedal glossary that breaks down the types of effects common in the pedal world.

  • Staff Picks
  • Four Bassists
  • Zoe Thomson: Kid Shredder
  • Mary Timony
  • Australia: Scene Report
  • Marnie Stern
  • EMA
  • La Maria Antonieta
  • Le Chic Duo
  • Erin Smith of Bratmobile
  • NAMM
  • The Jarana Jarocha
  • Learning the Pentatonic Scale 
  • Pedal Glossary
  • How To Build a Pedal board
  • Gear Review
  • History: Maybelle Carter
  • Wildwood Flower Tabs 

Issue #3: Sit on the beach, listen to the waves and read about surf music in issue three! Inside you'll find interviews with Seattle's groundbreaking new band, La Luz [members of The Curious Mystery], '90s surfer babes The Trashwomen, classical guitar goddess Ana Vidovic, how to make your own guitar slide and never before published photographs from America's 20th century mandolin craze.

  • Staff Picks
  • Tour Must-Haves
  • Tara Jean O’Neil
  • Ana Vidovic
  • On The Road with Colleen Green
  • La Luz
  • Intro to Surf
  • The Trashwomen
  • Unpopular History
  • Bonnie Montgomery
  • Making Slides at Home
  • Gear Reviews
  • Love Letter

Issue #4: focuses on the pioneers of punk with a 6 page spread introduction. This issue includes exclusive interviews with the one and only Kim Gordon alongside Marisa Paternoster (Screaming Females), Toody Cole (Dead Moon), and Miss Alex White (White Mystery). Not to mention Talking Heads and Neo Boys guitar and bass tabs.

  • First Listen
  • Bahrain’s First Girls Rock Camp 
  • London Scene Report 
  • Sara Landeau
  • Kim Gordon
  • Marissa Paternoster
  • Miss Alex White
  • Toody Cole
  • Girl in a Coma
  • Marlene Marder
  • Pioneers of Punk
  • 2013’s Monumental Moments 

Issue #5: features cover girl Gabriela Quintero of Mexico city's most dynamic duo, Rodrigo y Gabriela

  • Staff Picks
  • On the Big Screen
  • On The Road with Warpaint  
  • Mirah
  • Lauren Larson
  • Gabriela Quintero
  • The Women of Mariachi
  • L.A. Mariachi Scene Report
  • Edna Vazquez
  • Maricela Juarez
  • Plugged In: A Beginner’s Guide to Buying and Troubleshooting Amps
  • Sound off with Touring Musicians
  • Summer Festiva

Issue #6:

  • Backstage at Burger A-Go-Go
  • Jessica Lea Mayfield
  • Shonen Knife

  • How Four Magazines Changed Pop-Culture Forever

  • Shredding In The ‘90s - 50 Influential Guitarists

  • Courtney Barnett
  • Sadie Dupuis

  • Shannon Shaw

  • DIY Recording: How To Make A Bedroom Record

  • Tabs: The Breeders - "Cannonball"

  • Album And Gear

Issue #7

  • Scene Report: San Jose
  • Unsung Pioneers Of History
  • Mitski Miyawaki
  • Viv Albertine
  • Bleached
  • Bibi Mcgill
  • Warpaint
  • Guitar Wiring How-To
  • Tabs: Fretboard 101 — The Five Octave Patterns
  • Ask Sadie
  • Sound Control
  • Gear + Album Reviews