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Red Square: Invited to Dinner CD

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This is a compilation CD featuring recordings made by Jenn Turrell of performances in her living room at her house in Philadelphia, Pa., known as the Red Square Tape Club. She previously released three 7" compilations called The Way Things Change Vol. 1, 2 & 3, which included C.O.C.O., Mirah, Microphones, Calvin Johnson, Softies, Jen turrell, Steward, Kelly Slusher, Dear Nora and more. This CD includes all different recordings from the 7" compilations. From Jen?s introduction to the booklet that is included with Invited to Dinner: ?The Red Square is a large 4-story house located in West Philadelphia and named after the square kitchen table that used to be the center of household activity. What it developed into was a small, cosy, close-knit community of sorts, self-contained but also branching out into the neighborhood and the city for like-minded individuals to share with and enjoy. There have been other commune-styled shared households centered around circles of musicians, artists and friends. It probably didn?t last longer than any other, and probably wasn?t the most productive or successful of it?s kind, and may not be remembered much beyond this cd and our own memories, but it was ours, and we loved it while it lasted.? There are 24 previously unreleased recordings included on Invited to Dinner, by a range of folks from all over: the thift shop jenn turrell currituck county the bright lights steward calvin johnson dan mapp jayme & jen annah winfield jason traeger mac dare dear nora hiroshima lemon nagasaki lime dennis driscoll a boy named thor hewas kelly slusher whip rabbit in red trendlenberg men in fur red light district the escargo-gos ricky pang