Karl Blau

Questions For Moon CD

Sold Out

"Here is a poem written by KLAPS subscribers Eli Moore and Ashley Eriksson turned into the song "Coral and Porcelain, Lattice and Shade

Jack Katze wrote this poem that is known here as "Onto Healthier Vibrations"

Part of the challenge of the Kickstarter fundraiser for KLAPS in September 2011 was engaging backers to donate at the $96 tier giving the donor the chance to write a poem that I would turn into a song.   About 20 people signed up for this so it seemed only natural to put the extra energy into the music and make a record out of it.   Song poems they are formally referred to as, "Questions For Moon" is lyrics written by you KLAPS subscribers, 16 of these songs in total.  

Thank you to everyone involved in this, it was so much fun." - http://www.kelplunacy.com/issues.html#kelp31


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