Popular Culture

Popular Culture - Episode GATEFOLD LP

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Popular Culture, the innovative musical creation and alter-ego of young artist Henry Mowgli, plays self proclaimed "Dark Pop". Episode, the band's first full-length LP, transports the listener to an otherworldly gothic dance party. This record plays like an almost frightening instance of futuristic religious possession and is sure to blow your mind. The music is a unique combination of bleak and danceable. VICE Magazine calls it: "...the soundtrack to one of those perfect dreams where everything is cool and right and feels real, and then you wake up and are like 'crap'.”

Episode was recorded after two years of on and off sessions with producer Kyle Ellison (Butthole Surfers, Meat Puppets, Pariah) and Paul Barker (Ministry) in a tucked away home studio in Austin, Texas. Each song is a pure embrace and reflection of what ails and intrigues the human spirit. The combination of high and low end equipment used in recording creates a soundscape to mirror the balance needed to stay afloat in a young man's mind. "I don't sleep much, I get restless". Both organic and synthesized sounds fill Mowlgi's songs with a sense of diversity and an aspect of mystery. Pulling from influences such as Bauhaus and The Jesus and Mary Chain to Talking Heads and New Order, Popular Culture creates a contemporary outlook on archaic ideas. Young eyes on an old world.

Popular Culture – “Dandelion”