Our Time Is Now LP (Self-Released)

Sold Out

Outlook is a politically-charged hardcore punk band from Olympia, Washington (featuring members of Hysterics, Wet, and many more) that started in 2008. They have released a demo, a self-titled 7”, a cassette EP called Vision, and this LP called Our Time Is Now. Having a staunch D.I.Y. ethic, all of their records have been self-released.

Track listing:

  1. Our Time Is Now
  2. Living For More
  3. Not In My Name
  4. Moving On
  5. Dead Peasant
  6. Release
  7. Gilded Cage
  8. All There Is
  9. Our Choice

Solid LP. Highly recommended.

Outlook is Matt (drums), Adriana (vocals), James (guitar) and Steven (bass).

(Photograph by Ben Trogdon)