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Offering LP

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From Fletcher Tucker:

"Offering is the 5th record by Bird By Snow. Recorded and performed entirely by Fletcher Tucker (me). Eight completely analog recordings put to tape at various power spots in Big Sur, California – my homeland. This primordial, majestic and wild landscape is the primary inspiration for the album. However, this record does not present a simple, picturesque view of nature. As in the wild itself dark and light appear in equal measure – storms rage and fires destroy; there is erosion, decomposition, disease and predation. The wilds of Big Sur are vast and powerful, fantastically destructive and creative.

Inspiration was also found in human stories and doings. Lyrics center around our tribal past and future, old ritualistic relationships to nature, our potential to be truly at home in the wild, and conversely our will to change it. Indeed as easily as one may visualize a foggy redwood forest as the record plays you may also see and hear tools being sharpened, fires being lit, stone walls being built, and ceremony being held.

Offering sets out to reawaken an ancient consciousness, an atavistic awareness present in the land and in ourselves – to give you permission to return to the familiar place, inhabited by our ancestors, where myth and magic are primary natural forces. This record was informed by a practical knowledge and daily relationship with the physical wild, a deep sense of place – knowing the plants and animals, walking the trails and peaks, chopping wood and sowing seeds. And these songs came forth by approaching the non-physical wilderness of Big Sur with the same respect and curiosity – through ritual, rites, and ceremony a mystic backcountry opens."

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