Shaggy Sample

My Other Car Is CS + DOWNLOAD (Evan Hashi)


Shaggy Sample is a pop band from Oakland, California. My Other Car Is is the band's first and self-proclaimed "best" album so far! It took them half and year to complete and they're quite proud of it -- and so are we!

Track listing:

David Jaberi plays Wurlitzer keyboard, and writes the sweetest tunes.

Charlie Biando plays bass guitar, never practices, our beloved coffee & za wiz.

Evan Hashi (The Hive Dwellers) plays drums, not guitar often, and pops out a new song every fourth leap year.

Mark Deutsch plays electric guitar, very well, can play a new cover every 15 seconds.

They all sing, sometimes.


Each tape comes on a colorful, translucent cassette and comes with a digital download code! Check it out.