The Moools


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Band Line-up:

  • Yasuaki Sakai - guitar and vocals
  • Masato Uchino - drums and chorus
  • Mitsuhiro Ariizumi - bass guitar

"My favorite band in Japan is Moools. They surf on sound." - Phil Elverum (Mt. Eerie / The Microphones)

Formed in the late 90's, Moools have become known as one of the finest independent rock bands in Tokyo, Japan. Their unique combination of dynamic rhythm figures and diverse songwriting styles has found them a strong fan base. They have also attracted the attention of many of the musicians who have shared the bill with them. John Atkins (764 Hero / The Magic Magicians) has described them as sometimes sounding like a blend of early Talking Heads and Meat Puppets. Mt. Eerie has even covered their song "Koneko Calender," which is featured on this DVD as well as on his latest live album. Moools have a strong relationship with K Records and the Northwest independent music scene. They have played at Olympia's Yo Yo a Go Go festival twice (1999 & 2001) and even toured the West Coast with Mt. Eerie in the fall of 2003. In addition, Moools have had the opportunity to play shows with Modest Mouse, Calvin Johnson, The Microphones, The Folk Implosion, The Magic Magicians, and The Crabs when these bands toured Japan. They recently toured Japan with Kyle Field?s Little Wings. Besides performing their own set, they also played as the backing band for Little Wings. They were additionally featured as the backing band on The Microphones' Live in Japan 2003 (KLP158) album. Uchino's sharp and dynamic drumming contributes one of the album's highlights during the 10-minute epic "Universe Conclusion." This CD and DVD set are a documentation of Moools U.S. tour with Mt. Eerie & Nikaidoh Kazumi in the fall of 2003. The CD was recorded at K label?s very own Dub Narcotic Studio in Olympia, WA with Phil Elverum. Lead vocal, guitar, bass and drums were all recorded together in live style. Elverum also played steel drum and backing vocals. Nikaidoh, herself one of the most provocative singers in Japan, lends her impressive voice as well. Though it includes just 4 songs, this EP is a good guide to the music of Moools. Elverum has successfully captured their edgy and raw vibes. "Bubble-Ki" is a psychedelic funk odyssey. On "Anniversary Ketsubosho" and "Memai Serohangoshi" Ari's massive bass sounds reminds one of Live at Leeds era The Who. Sakai, influenced by Japanese folk-rock, provides heartbreaking melodies throughout the recording. The DVD includes 25 minutes of visual and musical fragments from the U.S. tour. In addition to some video taken during the recording session, the DVD includes amazing live footage that shows how far the Moools are willing to go when they take the stage.