Fred Thomas

Flood CD (Magic Marker Records)

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"Though more renown for the work he's done with his band Saturday Looks Good To Me, Michigan insomniac Fred Thomas has been slowly chiseling out a solo career for the last five years by way of living room tours, awkward opening spots, and late-night CD burning marathons.

Regardless of scale, the scope of his work makes it hands-down the best eleven songs played almost entirely by Thomas, with some friends and neighbors helping out. A step away from the ultra-bubblegum glitter of SLGTM, but still rooted in the magic of the pop song, the music on Flood is heartbreakingly serious, ridiculously personal, and will stick in your head all day.

Akin to the hyper-wordy, spiritual side of Neutral Milk Hotel or the experimental lo-fidelity alchemy of The Animal Collective, these songs clatter and shake with hope and pain, always on the verge of falling into themselves, coming out of a two-minute pop song into a fuzz explosion or a five-minute drum circle. The album is strong and deliberate, honing years of four-track sonnets to bring this special breed of basement heartstring pop music into a new, bold place" Magic Marker Records